About Us


At Life with Cancer, we believe that anyone impacted by cancer should have access to the tools they need to live better with cancer, which is why we’re proud to offer these services at no cost.


Free: All programs (more than 200 monthly exercise, support groups, stress reduction, symptom management and educational seminars) and services (therapeutic counseling, nurse navigation and nutritional consultations) are provided at no cost. Fee-based services include psychiatry.
All inclusive: Open to all adults and children impacted by cancer (patients and loved ones), no matter where treatment is received.
Easy access: Referrals are not needed (except for psychiatry).
Locations: Fairfax, Falls Church, Alexandria, Fair Oaks and Leesburg.
Skilled staff: Oncology Nurse Navigators, Oncology Clinical Therapists, Oncology Certified Dietitians, Oncology Certified Fitness Instructors and Certified Art Therapists.
Community funded: Life with Cancer programs, classes and services are offered at no cost due to the generosity of our community in partnership with Inova. For more information, visit our Donation Page at www.lifewithcancer.org.

For more information or to register for groups or programs, go to www.lifewithcancer.org or call 703 698 2526. To make an appointment for therapeutic counseling, nursing or nutritional consultations call 703 206 5433.


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Life with Cancer Family Center
8411 Pennell Street, Fairfax, VA 22031
www.lifewithcancer.org | 703.206.5433